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March 2018 - Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

March has been a quiet color month in the garden. We had late season, hard freezes, which ended the very early growth of many perennials. Not to worry, they'll be back, but I participated in a rather hurried and frantic push to get extra mulch over those tender plants before the forecasted overnight low of 20 degrees hit.

I have found myself quite out of rhythm with garden time this late winter / early spring. Demands from the J.O.B. and children sports commitments have my mind swirling elsewhere. Getting this blog post published on Bloom Day didn't happen on time.

However, the thing I love about putting together Bloom Day posts, is that the act of photographing and documenting the garden brings me back to contented mental space.
Below, the heirloom camellia tree, likely planted in the 1930's by my husband's great grandparents, had a plethora of perfect deep rose colored blooms this winter. 

The daffodils, also planted decades ago, herald spring in NW Oregon.

Daphne odora…

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